Life #nofilter – Expository Outline of Psalm 90

LIFE #nofilter
Putting Life in Perspective (vs. 1-11)

God is our ultimate reference point (vs. 1,2)
Death is our imminent destination (vs. 3-6)
Sin is our essential problem (vs. 7-11)

Praying from Perspective (vs. 12-17)

Plea for redeeming time (vs. 12)
Prayer for Gospel gladness (vs. 13,14)
Petition for fruitful work (vs. 15-17)

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Do I run a Christian business?

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether I run a “Christian” business. I thought it might be worth taking a quick stab at answering that question on my personal site for those who are curious…

I want to start by saying that I struggle with answering that question because on the one hand, I don’t think a […]

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Answering a fool

**Disclosure and disclaimer: I have never met Bekah Merkle and wouldn’t recognize her if she crossed my path. I have also never met Rachel Held Evans (RHE), although I have occasionally been annoyed by her blog. I do know, like, and admire Douglas Wilson. And while this post is not about him directly, it has implications for the way I […]

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The Gospel of Love vs. The Gospel of Nice

The Gospel of love expects to be reviled by worldly wisdom.The Gospel of nice continuously seeks worldly acceptance. The Gospel of love teaches the truth from the whole counsel of God.The Gospel of nice truncates the truth to make sure people aren’t uncomfortable. The Gospel of love speaks plainly where the Bible speaks plainly.The Gospel of nice obscures plain speech in favor of personal feelings […]

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Prophetic laryngitis – when the church loses its voice

I’ve been teaching 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school at my church now for about six years. From year to year we rotate between a chronological survey of the Old Testament and a survey of the Gospels and Acts. It has been great fun.

One of the chief paradigms we try to teach in the Old Testament survey is how to understand […]

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Warning signs – discerning the sin of apostasy


It might sound crazy, but I am so thankful for warning signs – especially wrong way signs. Once in awhile in my haste to get from place to place, my visual processing of surroundings is a bit slow. And more than a few times I have almost turned the wrong way onto a road and that could have spelled disaster […]

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Revelation, the PCUSA, and the church of Pergamum

Revelation is a notoriously difficult book to understand. But the first three chapters are pretty straightforward. Chapter one begins with the Apostle John’s vision of the glorified Christ ruling over seven churches in Asia. Chapters two and three are Christ’s words directed to each of the seven churches. Now while the seven churches mentioned were actual churches of the 1st […]

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My Stupid Mouth – A response to Pastor Tod

Anyone who knows me knows that I am prone to various binges. Food, drink, TV series, books, etc. I tend to rotate from appetite to appetite. My latest indulgence is over-listening to John Mayer’s song, “My Stupid Mouth.” I won’t repeat all of the lyrics here, but some of my favorite lines are…

I’m never speaking up againIt only hurts meI’d rather […]

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What you don’t know about Noah…

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Interpreting Genesis 1 literally…

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The tragedy of misunderstanding comedy…


It has been said that there are only two types of stories – tragedies and comedies. Stories that end with sadness and stories that end with happily ever after. These categories may be somewhat oversimplified, but they are useful nevertheless. Despite a few stories that are deliberately structured to stir mixed emotions and confusion, most end with a trajectory that […]

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BB’s Badass Chili (GCA Champion 2013)


I kind of eye-balled the whole recipe, but this is a pretty close approximation of what I did. Keep in mind I made a big batch for the cook-off, so you might want to reduce the amounts unless you plan to have a party or freeze a portion of it for later…

1 lb. bacon
1 lb. ground turkey
4 chicken breasts with […]

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Straw Man on Fire (Thoughts On John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference)

I don’t blog very often anymore because I am writing the manuscript for my first book. While I almost decided to stay out of the fray on this one, it just hit too close to home. After I read this critique of the conference it felt right to chime in.

Let’s start with a little personal background. In my late teens […]

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Raising Boys in the age of Video Games

As many of you know, my wife and I are blessed with four boys.  As of this writing their ages are 15, 14, 11, and 8.  Ten years ago or so we had to make some decisions about how to manage video games while raising kids, and here is what we decided:

We would not completely abstain from having video games […]

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The day after – my thoughts about the 2nd Amendment…

I’m not sure why I feel the urge to write about this and probably make almost everyone I know upset with me, but I just can’t resist the opportunity to put some thoughts down about gun control and the 2nd Amendment in light of yesterday’s tragedy.  Here’s what’s rolling through my head (and again, I don’t own a single gun […]

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Easy Dutch Oven Pork Chops

6 pork chops
4 chopped slices of bacon
1 cup chopped onions
2 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 Tbl honey
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp curry powder

Preheat 12 inch dutch oven to about 350 degrees.
Cook chops for 6 minutes on each side.  Place chops on a plate and cover.  Pour grease from dutch oven.
Saute bacon, onion, and garlic in dutch oven for 5 […]

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Classic commercial

This is me as a kid.  Seriously… only I would have Luke Skywalker instead.

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What is dispensationalism?

It has been many years since I dealt with dispensationalism on a regular basis, but once in awhile I will make passing mention of it and someone will ask me what it is.  I tend to fumble around and give answers that are overly technical or generally incoherent, so here is my quick attempt to answer the question, “What is […]

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I am Michael Scott (and so are you), Pt 2

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I am Michael Scott (and so are you)

Don’t tell me that you “identify” with Jim, Pam, Dwight, Stanley, Ryan, Jan, Toby, Kevin, Angela, or for goodness sake, Creed.  The reason we love “The Office” is because we painfully resonate to the inner-turmoil, relational struggles, and outward impetuousness of Michael Scott.  I’ve heard people say, “Oh, Michael Scott is MY BOSS.”  But let’s be honest here, I am […]

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